January 24, 2020

Medical Horror Story - Patient (and Wolf Popper Partner) Who Added Single Word "Reasonable" to Financial Form Was Denied Medical Treatment

Wolf Popper Partners Chet Waldman and Matt Insley-Pruitt were recently featured in the Gothamist article titled: “Patient Who Questioned ‘Blank Check’ Financial Liability Form Turned Away Right Before Medical Procedure.”

The article discusses the implications of ‘blank check’ financial liability form presented to patients at medical centers. These forms state a patient is financially responsible for any incurred costs that are not covered by insurance.

Chet Waldman added the word “reasonable” in the medical center’s financial liability form to qualify the potential medical charges. He believed, among other things, the original form went against New York’s surprise billing law, in which a patient is not financially liable for any unexpected out-of-network care costs. They refused to give him his medical procedure because he had made the one change to the form.

Matt Insley-Pruitt also shares his experience when he was asked to sign a financial liability form for a medical procedure after signing the initial paperwork at reception and moments before starting a procedure.

The Brian Lehrer Show also covered the article on the podcast episode: “#PriceCheckNYC: Avoiding Care Because of the Money.”