Portfolio Monitoring Service

How it Works

Should You Participate?

Wolf Popper was at the forefront of establishing procedures to inform institutional investors when their securities holdings are the subject of class or foreign litigation, and to advise institutions whether it is in their funds’ interests to seek appointment as a lead plaintiff, opt-out of class litigation to commence their own litigation, join with other institutions in commencing non-class litigation, or participate in an Non-U.S. litigation. In those circumstances where the institution is not appointed lead plaintiff but has a significant financial interest, we communicate with lead counsel during the course of the litigation to ensure that lead counsel is aware of our clients’ financial interests. We also review any proposed settlement to ensure, among other things, that our clients’ transactions are dealt with fairly in any plan of allocation, we inform our clients of such settlements to help ensure that these clients receive any monies established in these settlements.

Doesn’t My Money Manager Monitor My Portfolio Already?

Money Managers Do Not Monitor Portfolios from a Legal Standpoint, Lawyers Do Not Monitor Portfolios from a Financial Standpoint

  • Money Managers do not have licenses to practice law
  • Money Managers have no experience in investigating or determining the validity of legal claims.